Permanent lifting magnet testing & certification


  • We carry out professional testing and certification of all types of permanent lifting magnets.
  • We offer professional technical inspection of permanent lifting magnets to detect all defects and failings. Our professional technical inspection will ensure your permanent lifting magnets will meet all safety requirements.
  • For every permanent lifting magnet which has been professionally tested an inspection certificate will be issued. This certificate will be supplied with permanent lifting magnet serial number, with all records about technical condition and tear-off force value, which has been measured during the testing.


Primarily we focus on damages of permanent lifting magnet interfaces and possible damages of lever safety locks.

Due to safety reasons the tear-off value of the permanent lifting magnet has to be minimally three times as much as the stated lifting capacity of the permanent lifting magnet (e.g. for permanent lifting magnet with 1500 kgs lifting capacity the tear-off value has to be higher than 4500 kgs).

With regular annual ispections of permanent lifting magnets you will prevent injuries on workplaces and ensure all healt and safety regulations are met.

From safery reasons we recommend the permanent lifting magnet tests to be carried out annually.

In case of interest we will pick up your lifting magnets and bring them to us for testing free of charge. As soon as possible they will be returned to you together with inspection certificates.

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