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Magnetic tape - selfadhesive layer

Permanent magnetic sheets are manufactured from highly coercive magnetic powder mixed with plastics. The final product is of multi-purpose use, especially as an advertising carrier. In order to achieve the asked advertising result, the magnetic foil can be printed on. The foils may be bent, twisted, easily cut with scissors, punched, die-cut etc.

Application of the magnetic foil: clean the smooth and flat surface where the magnetic foil is to be placed. As the best elasticity and processability of the foil is achieved at room temperature, it is recommended to apply the foil at room conditions. For cleaning use just warm water and usual household detergents.

The advertisement on magnetic sheets is not invasive (does not do harm to the substrate) and anytime can be easily removed and reapplied (that is why it is a long term and very show form of advertising on cars). The magnetic foils find wide use in logistics, warehouses, classrooms (e. g. as flip charts for presentations), are very popular as magnetic greeting cards, magnetic pictograms, promotional items with company's logo, in order to indicate a hazardous situation the magnetic foils can be used as warning signs etc.

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