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Magnetic foils and pockets / folders

Magnetic foils - Permanent magnetic sheets are manufactured from highly coercive magnetic powder mixed with plastics. The final product is of multi-purpose use, especially as an advertising carrier. In order to achieve the asked advertising result, the magnetic foil can be printed on. The foils may be bent, twisted, easily cut with scissors, punched, die-cut etc.

Application of the magnetic foil: clean the smooth and flat surface where the magnetic foil is to be placed. As the best elasticity and processability of the foil is achieved at room temperature, it is recommended to apply the foil at room conditions. For cleaning use just warm water and usual household detergents.

We deliver our magnetic foils in various thicknesses (from 0,4 to 1,4 mm),  colours (natural, white, blue, green, red and yellow), shapes (roles or cut to A3, A4 or A5 shapes), in standard or self-adhesive versions.

The advertisement on magnetic sheets is not invasive (does not do harm to the substrate) and anytime can be easily removed and reapplied (that is why it is a long term and very show form of advertising on cars). The magnetic foils find wide use in logistics, warehouses, classrooms (e. g. as flip charts for presentations), are very popular as magnetic greeting cards, magnetic pictograms, promotional items with company's logo, in order to indicate a hazardous situation the magnetic foils can be used as warning signs etc.

Magnetic pockets - Permanent magnetic pockets and pouches are manufactured from highly coercive magnetic powder mixed with plastics. You can insert labels, photos, tags, stickers, stock cards, instruction manuals etc. into the magnetic pocket – and as the magnetic insert pocket has a fully magnetic back, you can affix it to any magnetic surface /at home, at  the warehouse, on machines, shelves, racks, metal products etc./.

In complicated production lines the magnetic pouches can be used as mobile records about a particular product and the technological operations this product is going through. Using our magnetic pockets ensures that information can be stored in a visible location to avoid searching for important documents /and their eventual loss/ and the pouches are ideal when documentation needs to be kept clean. And if needed the entries inside of the pockets can be easily and quickly changed, revised etc. These magnetic lift-up-front sign holders also can display information such as advertisements and promotions at shops etc. Besides, when you remove the magnetic foil you do not do any harm to the substrate /unlike the information is fixed by glue, screws or written with permanent markers/.

We deliver our magnetic pockets in A3, A4, A5 or A6 shapes and in the business card dimensions, however if required we can make the magnetic pouches in other sizes as well. Compared to competitive products, our durable magnetic pockets have a fully magnetic backing with a substantially higher adhering force.

Another variant of the magnetic pocket is a self-adhesive magnetic pocket with four strips of magnetic tape /adhering the transparent plastic front to the back part of the pocket/. This self-adhesive version sticks on any non-porous and clean surface /even non-magnetic/ what considerably expands the use of this product. Anytime when needed just simply lift open the magnetic lens to insert a document, the back self-adhesive part of the pocket remains permanentnly attached to the application place.

The magnetic pocket is an irreplaceable helper in various operations and activities, it saves time and increases efficiency of product marking and labelling. These new products find wide use in logistics, engineering, warehouses, photo business, at shops as well as at home.

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