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Magnetic pockets/folders

Magnetic pockets - Permanent magnetic pockets and pouches are manufactured from highly coercive magnetic powder mixed with plastics. You can insert labels, photos, tags, stickers, stock cards, instruction manuals etc. into the magnetic pocket – and as the magnetic insert pocket has a fully magnetic back, you can affix it to any magnetic surface /at home, at  the warehouse, on machines, shelves, racks, metal products etc./.

We deliver our magnetic pockets in A3, A4, A5 or A6 shapes and in the business card dimensions, however if required we can make the magnetic pouches in other sizes as well. Compared to competitive products, our durable magnetic pockets have a fully magnetic backing with a substantially higher adhering force.

The magnetic pocket is an irreplaceable helper in various operations and activities, it saves time and increases efficiency of product marking and labelling. These new products find wide use in logistics, engineering, warehouses, photo business, at shops as well as at home.

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