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Magnetic sweeper MZ SPECIAL

Magnetic sweeper SPECIAL is used for collecting of ferromagnetic subjects and smaller ferromagnetic particles like nails, metal shavings, rivets, wires, screws, bolts and the like. Magnetic sweeper Classic can also be used for collecting of even the smallest dust metal particles, especially of welding and grinding dust.

Thanks to a very deep magnetic field the ferromagnetic dust particles are collected also from interstices.

Using the magnetic sweeper also avoids whirling of the dust compared, health and safety regulations are met.

Compared to the CLASSIC type of our magnetic sweeper, this type is intendet for indoor use only. Thanks to placing the magnetic sweeper wheels to the back of the sweeper the corners, wall sides and hardly accesible plasces can be easily reached.

The cleaning of the magnetic sweeper is very easy, by pulling up the yellow handle the collecting surface of magnetic sweeper will be demagnetized and all metal objects collected will fall of.

Advantages of our magnetic sweeper:

  • High durability
  • Easy to operate
  • Adjustable travel height
  • Also for outdoor application
  • Can be produced in various widths

In case of interest a small presentation of magnetic sweeper can be carried out at your company.


catalog numberMZ-SP-N-S
Kind of MagnetNdFeB
minimum quantity1 pc
price incl. VAT21 %
stock availabilityin stock
Quantity discountsin stock
Above 1 pc612,96 €/pc
incl. VAT
Above 5 pc490,37 €/pc
incl. VAT

  • Magnetic sweeper SPECIAL
  • Magnetic sweeper SPECIAL
  • Magnetic sweeper SPECIAL
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