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Extra strong sorting magnet SKM

Extra strong sorting magnet ist fitted with the strongest Neodymium NdFeB magnet producing power of 1060 Newtons.

Extra strong sorting magnet is used  to check occurrence of various non-ferrous materials (non-ferrous metals, paper, glass, wood, plastic,...)  Due to extreme magnet power the extra strong sorting magnet is able to detect and reveal even small ferromagnetic particles hidden deep in the controlled material. Superstrong control magnet is plentyfully used on junk plants as a inspection tool. However its application is limitless.

catalog numberSKM-N-S
Kind of MagnetNdFeB
minimum quantity1 pc
price incl. VAT21 %
stock availabilityin stock
Quantity discountsin stock
Above 1 pc357,63 €/pc
incl. VAT
Above 2 pc332,60 €/pc
incl. VAT
Above 4 pc314,71 €/pc
incl. VAT
Above 6 pc303,99 €/pc
incl. VAT

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